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Welcome to Grossmont High School's Department of Instrumental Music Web Site.

 Here you will find details on all groups involved with the program, including the Royal Blue Regiment Marching Band and Color Guard.  You can also check out when they perform and other valuable information.  

Also, please feel free to contact us with questions or comments by clicking here.

A Message from Ray Webb

Fasten your seatbelts…

…and get ready to roll into the 2016 marching season. 

We’ll be on television this Friday morning (9/16/16, about 6:30AM), playing for the Friday Alarm Clock Pep Rally. Our first home football game is that night (call time 5:00PM) and it will not end until about 10:15PM. A long long day for all, but it will be a great time for knitting our family together, both musically and socially.

I continue to be impressed by our talented and experienced staff. They are bringing a maturity and wisdom to their work that will yield tremendous results. Ultimately, our task is about building champions in the broader sense (way beyond playing correctly and marching skill), and your instructors are all taking their mentorship roles very seriously.  I have only known these fine teachers for one week, but can already see that they will make a huge difference in the lives of our students.

One of our goals this semester is to cultivate a warm, safe, and welcoming environment within our band room, and anywhere else we happen to be. This will show up in respectfulness, affirming words, and acts of kindness. We have launched a “pathway to grace” and will continue to instruct students to avoid put-downs, gossip, and any form of negativity. Imagine the Disney way - positive, upbeat, energetic, and enthusiastic. This type of environment is a social magnet, and, over time, is sure to draw new students to our program.

Thank you to all of the GIMA members that have committed so much time to our fundraising efforts. There are more fundraising events this weekend and beyond, and your continued support is greatly appreciated. And thank you to all of the drivers who sacrificed an entire Saturday to drive our students and equipment to Qualcomm for SDSU Band Day. We couldn’t be more grateful for your unbelievable support!

As always, onward and upward!

Ray Webb

Thank you to our new Sponsors

GIMA would like to recognize and thank Klemenz Construction Inc. and Sheldon's Service Station for their sponsorship contributions this month.  
We thank you all for your support.

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Fundrasing Status

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District Field Show 2016

GUHSD District Field Show Pre-Sale Tickets are Now Available!

District Field Show

The Parent Music Advocacy Group is proud to present the

Grossmont Union High School District
Marching Band and Color Guard District Fall Showcase

Thursday, November 17th, 2016  6pm

Monte Vista High School
3230 Sweetwater Springs Blvd
Spring Valley, CA 91977

“Come join us in this music extravaganza!”

 Each Band will perform individually, followed by a
Grand Finale of a Massed Band Performance on the Field!

A variety of foods will be available at concession stands, sponsored by

the many local High School Band Booster Groups.
DVDs will be available to order for your keepsake. 

$8.00 donation at the gate for ticket entrance.

*8th grade and younger FREE if accompanied by a paid adult*
*Military and Veterans FREE* 

Ask a band member for your $8.00 pre-sale ticket flier or pick one up in the bandroom.  Please make checks payable to GIMA.   (50% of pre-sales return to this high schools Music Program.) Tickets will be available in November for pick-up at Grossmont,  or you may purchase a ticket at the gate.  Join us for an exciting evening of high school band music and color guard performers.  Hope to see you there!

Click here to print out a flyer

A message from Percussion Caption Head Michael Meza

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Michael Meza, and I am the new Percussion Caption Head at Grossmont HS. This letter is to inform you that the Percussion Program is in a state of an emergency and is in need of your assistance. Registration for our indoor drumline shows is on Monday, October 10th, 2016 from 2-­‐3pm.

As of right now, the Program does not have the funds to pay for registration.

For this upcoming 2017 indoor drumline season, we are asking each participating student member to make a $100 contribution in order to help cover some of the costs of the season. Registration for the indoor drumline shows will cost about $1,400. We only have a one hour slot to sign up in our division, and if we’re not signed up by 3pm on October 10th, we will not have an indoor drumline season.

We are asking for a $50 down payment by Friday, September 30th, 2016 by the 4th period percussion and colorguard class. This $50 down payment will help cover the registration fees. The remaining $50 will be due at a much later date (December or January) that will be used to pay for either costumes or sticks and mallets. You may pay with cash or write a check out to GIMA. Please place the cash or check in a sealed envelope with your students name on the front in clear writing. The payment can also be made before the September 30th, 2016 deadline.

Indoor drumline is an amazing activity in which students can learn life skills which include but are not limited to: perseverance, teamwork, dedication towards a craft, hard work, determination, and patience. Moreover, colleges love to see students involved in extracurricular events. Indoor drumline is an excellent extracurricular activity.

At the start of this season, there have been some unfortunate situations that have involved a couple of percussion students. However, the drumline as a whole does not deserve to be punished by having their indoor drumline season being taken away from them as a consequence from these isolated events. These isolated events have been handled by the staff and proper consequences have been delivered accordingly. So far this season, the drumline as a whole has developed a tight bond that is thriving right now. Also, they have increased their fundraising attendance by 90% and helped the band double their fundraising income at the last fundraiser.

Adversity is fought by positive thoughts and working together to build a brighter future. Dwelling on past events does not fight adversity. It is time for this Program to put past events behind us and work together to build a new culture in which the students can thrive in. If we don’t have an indoor drumline season, we will be letting these isolated events win. Let’s not let these isolated events win, let’s beat them. Let’s prove it to our hard working students that anything can be overcome in life and that nothing is impossible. The future is bright. The time is now to act, and we can make this happen if we become one. Let’s do this.

With gratitude,

Michael Meza
Grossmont HS Percussion Caption Head Contact:

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